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Ice Cube Garbage drop rate

Who in IMC thought that having garbage drop rate for stuff was a good idea?
0.1% drop for the “special” thing makes absolutely no sense for an event that isnt going to last forever

I just think the event as a way to convert cube to coin. Didn’t expect to get the costume. At least it’s free. Unlike the mudfish one which costs quite a lot silver but very low rate for costume. But that one gives other stuffs too like attributes and scrolls, so can’t complain much.

Cube to coin conversion is trash though… I don’t get why they added those useless potions in the mix. At the end of the day, when you have collected 1000 coins and 200 cubes, you’re lucky if you can exchange your cubes for 10 extra coins…

And in the meantime, I still got those twinkling pieces from Teliavelis event clogging my inventory…

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