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I want to know why

last night i try to login and found out my id got banned without any reason.

i submit ticket to imc and ask for reason. they said my id is clean

but still…

so i send 2nd tisket and then the reply

i just know i login open shop and close game is illigel

and ps. for bot replying if u gonna ask me send ticket
go check ur mail. its 3rd alr

i feel like it save my day for not buy that premuim art pack

u guys have any idea what wrg with imc now?

I will presume that you are Revenant6th from Telsiai Server, since you didn’t provide any information to here for us to confirm. Only I could see is current steam id linked with forum account. And yes, seems the supports spoken in true that with your status this account has no block, no protection no any issues. no even IP Block or something. Not even a server error record.

I think you may linked your forum account for ticket with different steam id or something else.
So are you Revenant6th?

thank you @STAFF_Yuri for pay attention

ofc i am. since u mention it so lets make thing clear

yes MY MAIN id Revenant6th not get banned but its my alt id Emiria6th (my apology if my ip make u confused)
kindly read my ticket. even i spam tons of report about bot and exploit player
but i write everytime which one get banned

and yes, i hope it make anydifferent since it no reason why i cant access to my id -0-
all my 16id is same ip and i nvr use it for exploit.
(and yes nvr do any game content. i play my main one is tired alrdy)
just open warp shop

and just somekind of error happen to 1 of my id
if u r staff and dont know what heppen to user
i login and 2hr. later my id get lock without reason becuz system get bug?

my apology if u feel i rude to post these reply in forum but it not make sense for me and i need answer

best regard

I can’t see tickets from here. And you didn’t provide the number for me to check on.
for me find ticket or ask support team to find one, I need to know the Steam ID, which means I can’t find your different account, and more on, since the very nature of steam account, I can’t confirm if its yours.
Since we don’t receive nor request steam of personal information.

my steam ID has wrote along with those ticket


please inform me which u need more. i will write all u need here

So your forum account binded with different account you would like to ask on,
Since the Account ID will shown in the ticket will be Revenant6th, so yes… this could made a bit confuse to them. Still I advice this is not a good thing, since we don’t have anything to confirm its you. For us, Revenant6th =/= Emiria6th.

Anyway, Emiria6th seems same.
No Ban record, No Protection, No IP ban, Nothing.

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So, I go talked with our System team they maybe got something from their magic boxes.
They find some error logs on other side. But they need to know if there is also error dump left in your computer system.

If you go to the Directory in your computer
C or D or anyplace you insatalled :\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior

There you could find System Folder There you could find Any Error Logs will sit down there.
Can you find files in there and could upload it via Google drive or anything you could send the files to us?

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thank you for fast respond. for unknown reason i can access to my id now

my apology for reveal personal message to public and yet i will upload error log file and send for u via pm after this

best regard image

Things happen, but this makes me more worried than before Which means this unknown issue could be back again. could it be the actual line problem? hmm… than why the error came…
Anyway, okay :tired:

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