I want to contribute to ToS portuguese translation


Hello @fabricio_polo , fine?

I’m a player (Heallzin) and Software Engineering student of Universidade de Brasília - UnB and i would to contribute in github repository of Tree of Savior portuguese translation and i have some doubts in respect to how i can contribute at this repository (https://github.com/Treeofsavior/PortugueseTranslation). I’ve submit a Pull Request to following repository and you aswered to me to contact here, at the forum.

How can i contribute to ToS portuguese translation?


Por que ta falando inglês com ele se ele é Brasileiro? :rofl:


Have you check the translation discord?_?

I wish I could post the link but every time I try to post it just show normal discord and not the specific server D:

@xgearbladex maybe so more people like me that understand more english than portuguese can join the discussion…



Eu te responderei por PM assim que eu retornar do trabalho. Obrigado por entrar em contato :smiley: