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I want a TOS:Classic server!

I want to play classic TOS, level from 1 upwards slowly, enjoying the story and fights, and play with the different classes all over again. I promise Ill buy all the pretty costumes in this server, ok IMC? Pwease!!!


I doubt they will do it, not because they can’t, they just don’t care about the players on the international servers, they have never listened to them.

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Your best bet is join seasonal server without give a damn of everybody else progress. Expecting this game to be actively social is almost impossible given the dead fame. I got that you wish for that memorable journey of leveling, but just for the sake of own personal nostalgic euphoria it might as well kept personal as in the end most people will grind like racehorse and in the end faced with void endgame which only filled by yet another more boring dungeon style grind and multimillion layer of RNGs

Best bet hoping the main servers to actually shutdown, all of em, and hoping someone to create private server
Someone who willing to listen obviously and less greedy
Thats only if tos server files snatched and imc don’t give a damn some guy create private server
if they are still in business they will not let it slip given how they are quite indie company

A Classic Server would do wonders for this game, in my opinion, and would bring a lot of players back if they do it someday (knowing IMC, they won’t, but dreaming is free), BUT they need to fix a lot of core things about the game first.

  • Making the game not explode in lag with 1000+ players. Also optimize it please, it’s stupid that FFXIV runs better than TOS on my laptop.
  • No game softlock/crash when you change of channel/map, stuck in loading screen.
  • Improve the boss fights so they show REALLY WELL the “fun” part of the game (its action combat).
  • No gifted gear from quests, just the one available from farming or buying from NPCs.
  • If we go back to the Circle System, balance it so the first Classes available are viable in Circle 3, even compared to the last available Class on its max Circle.
  • If we don’t go back to Circle System, balance the Classes please.

There’s ALWAYS going to be speedrunners max level on day/week 1, but the majority will grow at a steady pace, enjoying the game. This is hard to see for you now because the state TOS is right now has only the hardcore/speedrunners part of the playerbase playing, and everyone posting here is more or less under that culture.

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Just do what I started doing when I hopped back on a little while ago: make a new character and see how long you can play without any equipment! Then every time you die, put something on to help, but only upgrade again once you absolutely need to. :smiley: It’s a fun challenge!

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I did something similar with my personal challenge where i “live off of the land” with only using field drop equipment and only grinding exp from fields. (blue quests were ok) It sure is slow, but it basically catches the same experience as back then (though without your fellow players)
It was pretty exciting to look on the database searching for maps with good equipment for my build, and i even got the grand spontoon just like i did on my first beta character. Pretty comfy, but the exp grind does get old when youre used to zooming through levels.

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giving yourself handicap may be fun for some to reminisce how the game was harder compared to currently nasty power creep endgame that balanced with over exponential caps. That may be one of many way to get some nostalgic feel

honestly the game itself can be milked for some fun with whatever method as long as its just for fun, or as most people said casual play, without being worry of competition or try to maximize everything possible

because when gaming get serious that when you get sick of grinding, dealing with RNG, and envious of someone else progress

drawing freely can be enjoyable hobby and pretty fun but drawing as job or as some competition contestants can get you stress and worn out

as for op,

I see this request came to mind of many even as early as rebuild arrived because the game was more simple back then, less RNG, and most importantly having more social aspects in play, supported by healthier playerbase.

The closest answer to your wish probably tos mobile. That or reboot of the game, whether official or illegal private server, which may or may not happen probably until all the servers die.

With how private servers getting actively sued nowadays like what happened recently to shin megami tensei image mmo private server with atlus or ragnarok private servers with gravity, its more likely that private server not gonna happen.

thats unless imc collapse, no company acquired it, some insider shared the server files and some tech guy manage to deal with the codes to boot it up. Only then tos private servers can roam free.

In conclusion, you asked too early unless you wish for tos or imc doom to be sooner


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