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I wanna tranfer my character from orsha to klaipeda server

tranfer my character from orsha to klaipeda please can somebody help about this question and how can do it for me ?

Currently you can’t. Unless i missed a update at some point.

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i think we can i read somewhere but i dont remember where

You sure your not thinking about previously when there was a temporary window to apply for server transfers when they were adding the regional servers like sea/sa etc

err… this section is about translations, translate from a language to other, not about transfering acc from a server to other :kissing_smiling_eyes:

If you want to trnasfer ur acc, try to contact a gm or staff member, they know what you can do.

let me see :smiley: if i find staff online

If you read the thing you linked. It was to transfer people FROM orsha and Klai TO the SA server.

One of those temporary windows i was referring to.


yess sorry i put my post and wrong size lol

You aren’t getting a transfer for now, i’m afraid.

I left my lv220 char in Orsha to play in Silute, it takes some time but it’s better than waiting.