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I think 6000TP is too much no?

I don’t know but receiving something like 540$ in prizes weekly is alot… I’m talking only about how i feel, i think IMC need to rethink the TP value or the amount on Prize.


I agree, 6000 TP is alot. Even if means dividing between the whole guilde. 100TP is pretty much itself…

Just think, they are going to distribute 17500 TP weekly, it’s going to kill the game, the game doesn’t have a WHOLE tp market, 17500x4 week for month= 70000 TP = 6300$ monthly in TP* x 12 months per year= 75600$
They are going to distribute 350 tokens monthly for the pvp side, imagine how overpowered the 1 Rank guild is going to be if then claim all the good players for then.

It all depends on the game’s population. If 350 out of 50000 players gets a free token each month, that’s not so big of a deal. Same players winning every month, then they get the choice of selling tokens on the market, giving them to the other people in their guild that helped support their PVP success or buying other premium items. If they do sell those tokens on the market, it’ll be a drop in the bucket or it’ll drive the price down for anyone that doesn’t spend the cash themselves. I’m not going to be one of those Top 10 players and this doesn’t sound so bad to me at all.

this is a system to create kings and peasants

big guilds are the monarchy and F2P scublords are the peasants, premium users will be the middle class.

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this sounds great! i was getting tierd of modern mmo’s motto of everyone should be getting everything, brings back memories of old mmos like Tibia

Of course PVP players get some extra bonuses and pve mains get nothing qwq

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They dont really care about TP, since we get 5 TP for free while playing.
I wouldnt really mind the 1st rankers getting around 2k TP, its just that 6k i alot.
Other then that, if they do give out that 6k then hopefully there wont be any game breaking items on the TP store. :unamused:

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