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I need Help with Solo PVE Build - New Player

Hey people, I started playing about 3 days ago and wanted help with a SOLO PVE build for Cleric (something tanky and that can go through the SOLO gameplay)

I started with Monk > Inquisitor (lvl 160 now), but people keep saying Monk is bullcrap nowadays and now I don’t know what to do.

PS: For some reason i cant see anybuilds on tosguru so if you could print a skillset for me.
I still have all 15 points from cleric and some from Monk.

Monk is not crap, but ppl like zealot and inquisitor over it, monk goes well on chaplain builds… i find that chaplain, monk, crusader/paladin/inquisitor work pretty well for AA dmg.

Monk is the second best cleric after inquisitor simply because its skillset is so down to earth and has a damage increase debuff (goddess finger flick, +50% strike damage) that boosts the damage of inquisitors pear of anguish and god smash.

Sadly, neither inquisitor nor monk can be really counted as “tanky” as both lack reasonable damage reduction (monk only has iron skin, but you lose some dps if you skill it, inquisitor has no damage mitigation), and on top of that you lose a lot of innate spirit stat by stacking two physical clerics in your build.

Going back to skills of monk, we have to mention that both palm strike and hand knife have a defense ignore effect that helps the skills tremendously when dealing damage, on top of a short animation time and after cast delay, a relatively large AoE and a huge skill factor ratio, allowing for high amounts of damage when coupled with inquisitors breaking wheel.

After the recent episode 12 update, monk is also quite good when filling downtimes of skills, with double punch offering high amounts of damage with basic attacks(which also have their damage increased by godess finger flick debuff) or via spamming energy blast with the monk:nirvana arts.

All in all I’d say monk is a decent class that works well with any class that can benefit it, be it chaplain,inquisitor,zealot,krivis or plague doctor.

Thanks for the enlightment. You think if I go Monk > Inquisitor > Paladin or something in that mix can my char be tanky?

Tanky? mmmm only real “tanks” are swordmans… you can go paladin monk chaplain but would be better 2h for dmg and aoe bonus.

If you go 1h paladin goes better with magic dmg filler to drop and then praise pala to enhance dmg ticks than melee

While paladin can mitigate a lot of damage, I’d not really call it that tanky, especially since it still relies too much on SPR, which is relatively scarce in your build.
I’d think that adding plague doctor would make your character more resilient, regenerating 60-140k HP every 5 seconds (basically a full heal) via healing factor is the way to survive through the early game, + you get status immunity from beak mask&methadone and high movement speed with modafinil.

Later on in the game when you are well-geared it’s easier to switch to another classes like paladin that need specific tiers of equipment and stat investment to shine.

What is AA damage? In any case do what of those builds do you think could be good for SOLO PVE?

Not much can be “solo” except lvl 5 challenges, you will need partyes for raids no matter what (unless low lvl ones compared to yours)

AA = auto attack, buff up all and start auto attack like mad with high aoe ratio to compensate on multi target stuff, u can easy get aoe ratio from paladin 2h wep buff (+5) and +2 or even +4 from bracers.

Lies. Monk will provide filler skills with palm strike + hand knife, a +50% buff to strike damage (which is 99% of your skills), skill to silence enemies, iron skin (1% damage reduction per point), infinite kamehameha with nirvava arts (until ep 12 since it’s based on crits) and much more…

That’s my build. Paladin is there for the extra CON and more DPS with Conviction/Demolition (plus Barrier can be helpful sometimes, and Restoration gives you some healing over time which is nice on a build that will have pretty much no healing due to the lack of SPR).

Can you print your skillset and send me? I still have a lot of points and atributes

I mainly use said skills for damage, inquisitor rarely sees any use aside from the usual breaking wheel+ breast ripper combo and pear of anguish against bosses. God smash is the filler skill I use most when all other skills are on CD, simply because it’s so weak and the AoE is abysmal.

the dot of one-inch punch actually helps to keep the aggro on the shard statues in velcoffer, otherwise solo clears would be impossible with my build as the mechanics are gruesome and completely overboard for an outdated content (you spend more time at stage 2 and 4 than in the actual fights against the 2 bosses).

just use your additional stat points on SPR, helps a lot.
Both paladin and cleric have the option to be int/con/spr based, which helps to mitigate a lot of potential spirit loss on base stats,too.

Spirit should be every clerics main focus until he is secure enough to play with less.

Here’s my current setup:

Still didn’t allocate 11 points for Monk because I don’t know if I want 10% damage reduction or better AA.

In fact they have more sfr than God Smash so yeah I tend to use them a lot too (and you can use them twice with Golden Bell). And the knockdown effect of Hand Knife is really helpful in CM.

When I skilled Inquisitor I had my spares into Pear, but they were doing absolute zero damage so I switched to Malleus (you needed a magical user to trigger them, otherwise mobs would simply walk over and nothing would happen). Is the skill fixed now? As I see, Malleus got a big nerf this update (no more extra damage) so switching back to Pear would be a good idea?

I daresay that up to 36000%/73000% damage every 30 seconds for just quickly throwing down these pears, the skill is really extremely powerful on top of an easy use, whether you throw them below the enemy or further away to have them fly over for 2x damage on magic use.
As the skill is a physical strike attack, it deals bonus damage against plate armor and is affected by strike property boosts like goddess finger flick, so if you have monk in your build, this is one of the skills you want to max out regardless if you just throw them on the enemies or aim for a trigger.

It’s also affected by torture expert, so if you kill some goons with ripper or breaking wheel, you will have its CD time reduced and vice versa, which is always helpful for additional dps in CM, hunting grounds or level dungeons.
Malleus can still be useful if you have absolutely no buff removal skill on your build, but the damage is not that far apart from pears used conventionally, and as a magic attack it scales with your magic attack rather than your higher physical attack stat while lacking any attribute to provoke additional damage.

Yeah I read your other post about Inqui sfrs. I’ll definitely switch my spares back to Pear.

Monk is actually decent now and has been for quite some time.

Try out the ultimate Monk>Krivis>Oracle meme build, which is focused around boosting your Monk skills.

Oracle does provide a good % dmg boost, but not just for monk, for monk kame hame and DP autos better get chap.

and… honestly i rather get chap monk ora than krivi, so much time lost rebuffing the crit stuff and not so good uptime to use the stigma, have much better survival, dmg increase uptime and so as oracle.