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I miss playing Tree of Savior

Hello, stranger. It’s been two weeks since I last spoke to a fellow TOS player. It’s been quite lonely around here. I miss the time I could run challenge mode, the time I could talk to my guildmates… Ah, the good old days!

I wonder if the game is still running. Is this game online? Is there still a company running it? Maybe the trainee just turn on the servers to collect the income from the last Leticia Cube. Anyway… Sorry to waste your time making you listen to my ramblings.


Well yes, but actually no


It is very sad to know that I did the right thing, that is, delete the game from my SDD (25gb for this thing, no, sorry; RO in any private only takes 4-5gb and is much more fun regardless of time). It is very sad to know that I was right when I imagined the problems this latest update was going to cause.

The game stopped being pleasant to play (it became a casino with many tables and slot machines), and finally, it is not directly playable. I recommend that you quit (I’ve been here from the “preorder” and I can tell you that the company doesn’t listen to who plays it), hopefully, ToS will rest in peace.

You have some alternatives out there; And if that’s the case, you have offline and old classics to play in emulator, there are even classic role-playing communities for chat or forum.

Simply, I already gave up, I do not expect them to fix or change course; this company is only concerned with the exploitation of gamblers (whales) and not gamers (potential clients).

Note: I don’t understand Koreans business.



those who stick around are just some masochist who love maggi art and the game isometric design
ironically maggi left.i respect the new artist trying hard to get to maggi style but he/she isnt there yet.
the game recently got its optimization update but it turn the whole game state into garbage.
from 1 hour playtime today i can only chat and join queue for 20 minute, and in that 20 minute i do the content in 10 minute because of queue time and another issue like crashing or bug in dungeon
the rest is i play solo
i shouldve just play solo game that will give me more pleasant time seriously