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I’m playing TOS :3

I started TOS many years ago, did not get far and eventually life got the better of me.

While playing other games, I find myself popping back to TOS from time to time. I felt overwhelmed by the changes and features, read negative comments and stopped playing again. But I thought, if I kept coming back to TOS, that must have meant something, right?

I like TOS being cute and colorful. And I’m going to ignore all the naysayers and I’m going to play TOS :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m will ask many silly questions about the game and hope everyone can bear with me (or just ignore me xoxo). I still feel lost and have no idea what different game modes are. I’m also at a low level of 120-ish.

Would it be better to start afresh with a new character or continue with my current Cleric-Exorcist at level 125? My current character has some bound items and tokens, forgoing that seems like a waste.

I also have stat reset potions but noted that stats are now auto-distributed. Not sure why but there are 3 stat points I can distribute, not sure why just 3 hahaha.

Realised I have 2200 TP from the founder packs I bought. Probably will leave these for some costumes I like.

Gosh I rumbled on. I’ll stop now. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll contain all stupid questions in this post lol.

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Leveling is pretty fast these days. I’d keep the character for the exclusive items, not like you’ll gain much from the hour or so of gameplay of leveling back to 125.
Most stat points are automatically distributed, but stats from quests or statues are still manually distributed.
Welcome back, though ToS has its problems, i think the comfiness is hard to beat, at least in my opinion. emoticon_0030


End game is about getting all the pet and wings.


And the costumes! Fashion of saviour hahahahaha!

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You might need to grind for silvers cuz 1m costumes aren’t around anymore … cheapest is at 15m ++ XDDD wings ugh 350 - 1b now huhuh …

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Omg that expensive?? :cold_sweat:

For me the best thing was knowing people, making friendship, and the worst was lost them with time or stupid discussions. I’m alone again and feeling like it was a waste of time, and it is. But at least I’ve learned something, felt something. Well, good luck in your journey.


We can play together? I’m in SEA Telsial :slightly_smiling_face:

There are tons of people in channel one, in the town, quite lively actually. I don’t have a guild yet, so also playing alone and learning the game.

what is your team name?

Crumbleberry… lol it sounds so fruity I may change it to a more heroic sounding one

Edit: Changed to Avanescence :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey welcome back! We’re not in the same server so I can’t help you there, I’m sure there are some helpful people in Telsiai.

As Fenatte said, the comfiness of TOS is something I never experienced in another game. Enjoy the ride and don’t be afraid of asking questions.

The game has changed a lot, so take your time. I recommend joining a friendly guild to help you out and kill some time by talking to them so you don’t feel lonely.

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I’m afraid of joining a guild at this time, I intend to level up more and learn more about the game first. So I won’t be a burden hahahaha

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Join small guilds they will help you if you want to know something.

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Just declare ingame that “I’m a gril” and watch as the PMs, invites, gifts and “assistance” start flowing in. Easy shortcut.

Downside? Everything above.

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Hi… Can I ask for some advice? This is my stash… I do not have silver to expand it any more, so I need to clear it out…

  1. The red / blue monster gems, should I keep them? They have low drop rates and I thought they are rare. Should I sell in Market?

  2. Those blue gears (magic?), do they sell in Market or should I just vendor them away?

  3. I think I should keep the purple gears…

  4. Those Multi Shot / Langort skill gems, I should sell them in Market right?

  5. My tokens… I think I should sell them for silver. At level 160, I tried the lvl 50 dungeon last night, I only got 80k silver hahaha. I cannot even afford to expand my stash :frowning:

Any tips will be much appreciated!! Thankyew sho much!!!

  1. submit to collection NPC, then try shouting WTS those, if nobody respond, just bring it at your F2 inventory, it is not heavy and wont take your personal storage slot
  2. dismantle them at blackmith
  3. no, dismantle them too, at your level, gear from kedoran NPC is enough
  4. those are not worthy to be slotted at armor, so no buyer, keep them for future buff SFR
  5. unless you need quick silver (token at 33-40m), use it yourself at lv 400+ where you can join CM/raid party.
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Thank you! Ill do just that!



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Come back and play TOS!!! Hahahaha

Most of the stuff you have stored you can retrieve and either keep on character or discard:

  • potions: keep on character
  • Varnalesa: discard (useless)
  • stamina pills: keep on character
  • Popolion heads: are you sure you need 4 of those? keep one, sell the other 3 in market
  • tokens: use one, you get access to Team storage (almost unlimited storage) + silver pooling (bank), keep the other 2 for next months (you can even use the 3 of them to get 3 months of token without having to care about running out of time unless you don’t plan on playing for 3 consecutive months)
  • unID items: useless, discard at blacksmith for nucle/sierra
  • skill gems: if they are relevant to your class, keep them, otherwise put one in market and see if someone buys it, otherwise they’re probably useless skills you can just use them as fodder to improve other gems (blue or red)
  • blue/red orbs: dunno what you’re doing with those useless pieces of junk, just discard them (verify first that they’re not part of a collection by pressing F11 and register any that do)
  • obsolete equipment (Cafrisun, shield, dagger, necklaces, rings, mace, crossbow…): sell to shop for a few coins, those are obsolete, you now use the Kedorian equip from Wings of Vaivora every time you reach a threshold (40/75/120/170/220/270/315/350/380/400)
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