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I like Cata/Lancer ...O.o


I play since 2 Months now.
And was testing some Builds it seems i like cata/lancer more then any Dragoon build …
This is my gear so far… is there anyway i can play asio/wastrel raid?
Or will i get kicked instantly?

It dont feel that bad in pve :hey:


easy to be able to play with that gear. Just use this secret move…be the party lead.


wastrel doesnt take a specific group comp so hit that up.

Asio takes good group DPS so that build is lacking in the AOE department, but lancer performs well on bosses so you can make up for it there

FFL is easy for all so you are fine there

would be fine for velcoffer too


If you wanna up your AEO department try adding 1 hoplite (remove 1 swordie or corsair). Finestra adds +3 AoE ratio as far as I can remember.



But yeah i could remove cors for hop c1 for more aoe ratio.
Sw3 is too good now.

The only aoe tools i got are rush& gigante.
Gigante with all the knockbacks dont look great for group content.

In which raid drops the critrate necklace?
I think it gives aoe ratio too?


Former Fantasy Library - raid location in Zima Suecourt

EDIT: That is where the critrate necklace drops


What should i do now first?
Trans armor to lvl 5?
Or Weapon to 10 First?

Dont want to farm Solmiki Stuff and want to go Velc next.
Miki feels like a waste of time…

I keep all my Gems/shards for now untill we get the trans Event with Rebuild.

In Gemstonefeud it feels like i should trans my Armor First …with 2x Nuale some wizs stilll 1-hit ko me xD

Maybe going Pelt 2 will fix the probelm …