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I laughed when I saw "Report Bot" when right clicked on players

The fact that they have “Report Bot” thread in the forum and “Report Bot” function in the game clearly tell us that they have no clue what to do or not going to get the issues fixed in any time soon. Having the word “Bot” in any part of the game’s content just show that they are incompetent. This is just an insult to the players. Watch, they will keep quiet about this for a long time, and soon “Bot” is just going to be a part of this game and the issues will be forgotten forever. Before any of you self-righteous people coming to bash me and come defend the developers… just think about this first… You think it is right to release a game into Pay to Play game aka Founder’s Pack when they’re fully aware of massively infested bots’ existence in the Closed Beta? Now, they even going to release Beginner’s pack? They have no shame…

I read this entire wall o’ text 3 times, still doesn’t make a lot of sense. what does early access and beginners pack have to do with bots and multiple way of reporting suspected botters?

the ingame report function came much later than the bot report section of the forums, what’s the problem here?

Almost seems like you are confused about what you are upset about


I think you should stop smoking or injecting whatever you are using there man, i don’t remember any bot in both CBTs, specially since it was going to wipe in the end anyway and the first CBT was 7 days and the second 1 month.

So Guild Wars 2 has a report bot as well many other games… guess they all the same.

I love when they report people because they don’t get along with each other. Finest drama ever~

Joined 1 hour ago. derp

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I’m sure there were times when I reported people accidentally because they wore arde daggers and cafrisun armor like every other bot.

OPs name is similar to the bot that I reported weeks ago. Clear indication that botters are infesting the forums with negative threads.

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bot detected
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Flash news: bots are actually part of every games.
I’ve always seen people botting in games, saying “It’s too annoying/tiring to grind” or “I have a job and a family, I don’t have time for this !”. At least here I can report those people directly in game (way easier and faster than on the forum).

And it’s funny how you say that because there’s this function, they’re not being serious about it when they implemented it because players asked for something like this, to help “fight” the bots.
Like said previously, it’s also present in several other games.
And bot reports on forum… Most games have it. Even if their forums don’t have a special section, it’s still normal to report bots through their forum or by mailing directly.

I really don’t get your point since bot reporting isn’t something rare nor new at all.

Also: there was no bot in the CBT… ?

Lol… they warned us the day before Founder’s Pack released that there will be bots… Our own fault i guess? paragraph 3