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I just got back to the game after the Remake and I can't change my class?

Sorry for the newbie question. I stopped playing around 2016/2017, and I wanted to try the new RE version.

I am level 115, I noticed my classes were reseted (I was swordsman, barbarian, highlander and Doppelsodner).

I want to go for that build again, but I can’t Avance to the next class. A helpful player told me to go to the Item Market and Receive items there. I had a lot of items to receive, including Class change cards. But even after using those cards, I was only able to move from Swordsman to Doppelsodner after maxing the Swordsman Skills. How can I change my class to Highlander now? Or am I too low level for that? I have already spent all my Skill Points into the Doppelsodner Skill Tree.

The Advance Button simply does not appear :frowning:

At level 115, shouldn’t I be able to have 3 classes at least?

Thank you all in advance.

Your class (not character level) level needs to be at 45 in order to advance to additional class

The class system is changed so that youre essentially forced to pick all 3 circles of a class when you pick it, which means you are at what would could be called Doppel c3.
Your next class unlocks are at around level 126 and 270.

Ah, thank you very much guys, it makes sense now. I was so confused. Thank you all once again :slight_smile: