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I honestly fee like

This game can be the next Lost Ark and have 100k+ concurrent players this year. Am I right or am I right?

Lost Ark is 99.999% bots though… at least ToS has gotten rid of such nuisance :haha:

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I think no one else answers because it’s a question that seems like a joke.

and the answer is that you are wrong. But… a bit of publicity would change the reality of TOS, they never invested in publicity (or I never saw it), I think the game deserves it.

Some time ago there was an update and the game activity and bots returned… so… I will say that having bots is an indication that the server is alive XD It’s the sad reality.

They did back in early 2017. That’s how I discovered the game (via an add on Youtube).

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100k players my a55
The average player base barely ever surpass 400
It’s always back to 300, a big patch arrive then another 100 player back or try the game
Then in couple of months it’s back to 300
Who you try to bootlick? Imc investor? lmao

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ppl been saying the same thing since 2016, IMC never cares. Dont cope

You mean the bots dont even want to touch it ? 0 incentive value

They betted on mobile port, and PC is the exit liquidity. As long as it prints $100 in the tip jar and pays the staff wage/servers , game will still run

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