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I don't understand yet, the Gemstone and TBL schedule limitation | Why the PvP still boring?

First, sorry about my English, this isn’t my native language.

I played ToS a long time ago and the gemstone and tbl schedule limitation still the same thing… why? Why we can’t do PvP matches (with rewards) all the day? I really don’t understand. I have a good build for PvP, I know how to play with the class, but 99% of the time I only have PvE stuffs to do.

I played a lot of the PvE content, but now is boring to me and I can’t play more, because we just don’t have PvP content.

Sorry for all, I don’t blame the people who like PvE, but I don’t understand this system. I just want a arena PvP, like Guild Wars 2

maybe they do it because they don’t have so many active pvp players in the game then they focus on a specific time for those who like not having to wait too long to find a group (as already happens to find a group for the dg 400 or some event dungeon) and it also helps people to plan their schedules better

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But dg 400 is a little boring and the rewards are bad. Gemstone (tbl not so fun) is very fun. I don’t think this is a good decision (this schedule). A lot of people don’t play this game because of these kind of restriction.

I think we never gonna have an active PvP player base ^^

Obs: sorry about my English.