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I don't understand what IMC wants with the Arditi class

After the last update, the attribute assault was added, which is activated with the class’s dagger or grenade skill. For the same reason that perhaps it would be VERY unbalanced (funny considering that there are classes that do even more damage without so much effort) the damage to their skills was decreased. This sounded somewhat reasonable until you realize that:
-Invasion and Trigranate have not received major changes to their damage (and as far as I have seen they only serve to activate the new attribute and give speed)
-For more problem, the arditi vaivora has its nerfed effects against boss monsters and players.

So, since this class came out, I wonder, what is it focused on? pve pvp, bokor tier? Until now I have tested it in everything, and I highlight its great combat mobility, being very useful to fight against various enemies
. And the truth, I wish that this strong point was more prominent than what appears in his skill description, which talks about the great lie of recovery (which even full of attributes is a mediocre cure, and its great use is with your ART)
I also know that in the future ritriasi will have an ART that will disturb the enemy revive, which makes me think again … oh, so it’s for pvp? But then I see the arditi vaivora and I doubt.

And well, if you have come this far, thanks for reading, the truth, although it does not seem so, more than a claim is really to ask for an answer or open a discussion regarding this class that in idea is very nice but take it instead of the rest of the scout options is almost an act of courage as great as going to smash the face of an enemy on the other side of the enemy trench xD

IMC class design is… weak… to say the least… They try to represent as many elements related to the class source as possible and they often end up lacking direction and purpose within the game.

Arditi is just a melee dagger class with some mobility, just that.


Arditi in my depiction is the only “carry” class in dagger tree. A class with wide array of attack skills. While assasin is not (aside from annihilation, other skills are picked for utility, not dmg). Also shinobi is not exactly carry because of bunshin reliance. I don’t pvp so can’t say about this.

Recupero is indeed too weak but I’m not really bother because of skill point limitation. I need skill points for other skills anyway. Arts version need just 1 point is also nice.

Latest change is uncalled for. Forced to keep up 2 kinds of stack just to deal same dmg before nerf is tedious. Worst thing is they only last 30 sec so they require quite high attention to keep up. IMC is quick to nerf the class (30% skill factor cut for ALL skills) rather than fix. Matador for example, they buff only corrida while still leave faena in pitiful state.

Anyway I wish grenade skills to have no weapon restriction. Pistol class can also take lv 15 granata, ritirarsi, tri granade as well. Seems fun!

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How is the class performing in challenge mode, i’m really interested in this class.

in CM it works quite well, it does good damage and using the dagger misrus you can easily pass the first levels. Or even more with good equipment. I have to admit that the assault attribute is not bad or complicated to load in pve instances, so you will have a good crit even if your team doesn’t have enough critical rate. So using it with the ataka set in CM or Raids is a good idea. Also the grenades hit hard and are good in mobility.

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