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I don't get it... (level 480 patch)

I wasn’t expecting the server to be up yesterday evening since news page didn’t update the “server maintenance until further notice” post, but since I was able to play I decided to check the new episode and see how I could level up my main from 470 to 480.

Step #1: starting the episode 14-2 quest line and direction Delmore Garden to finish map completion to get exp cards from WoV NPC – yielded some level 16 exp cards that I used to get a few % of exp.

Step #2: entering new Delmore Waiting Area map with old Vasilisa equipment (75k atk + 120k def) and checking new mobs – surprisingly easy to kill (roughly the same difficulty as mobs in Delmore Garden) and giving 0.2% exp PER kill, an insane amount without any exp buff meaning using an exp x32 tome would level up a character really really fast by just randomly killing mobs on that map

Step #3: doing the quest line – well I was expecting something fancier, we only get “fetch this” and “kill that” quests on the way to the last map where we meet the Beholder, who escapes, so expect an episode 15 where hopefully everything will be resolved; but for now, we need to be level 475 to continue the quest line on the next map so it’s time to go back and level up

Step #4: before doing that, Delmore Waiting Area map is complete so I go back to WoV NPC and get level 20 exp cards… which can only be used up to level 469 so they get discarded… go figure…

Step #5: using an exp x32 tome I go back to Delmore Waiting Area and kill mobs… and 15 mins later I’m level 480 – well that was fast…

Step #6: instead of going back to the quests I decide to succeed my Vasilisa equip into the new level 480 stuff – need to remove gems (since I didn’t see anything about a free gem removal service I spend 10 VV coins to get a scroll and remove the gems during the next 15 mins to get back my skill gems) and engrave old random ichors (they’re probably better than the new random ones for the time being), succeed the equip, reapply the gems and engraved random stats + VV visions and voila… new shiny level 480 equip and, omg, almost 100k atk and… 500k def (!)

Step #7: back to Hidden Passage and quests… but something feels REALLY wrong

Didn’t I just gain 25% more attack and a defense value that would make me feel like a plate-wearing knight attacked by goblins wielding sticks?

Going one on one with a mob on the level feels like I’m naked instead. Testing basic attack vs said mob compared to the old Vasilisa stuff feels like no improvement at all, final damage +70% on new stuff vs +75% from Balinta and some awakening/enchants can’t make that much of a difference no? And still I do 8k damage per attack with a raw atk value of almost 100k… that’s some heavy damage reduction there! And what about defense value? Mobs on the previous map were barely doing any damage with old equipment, surely these mobs with 500k defense can’t barely scratch my char, right? Well… think again. Each attack ticks for 15k damage, and the area is crowded with mobs that have thrust attacks that can hit you from far away (and it seems they hit even if the mob is not facing the char but hitting empty space miles away).

Needless to say, I was impressed by the new mobs to actually KILL my main char in seconds while I was barely scratching them with huge sfr skills (well need to take into consideration that bugged mouse mode discards your own damage if you don’t constantly hover your mouse over your target and have it locked when you use skills). This reminded me of the first time I entered Sausys Room or Zeteor Coast maps…

What didn’t impress me though were the boss fights during the quest line. I don’t get it… it took me like five seconds to kill those 150mil hp bosses while it’s a struggle to even dent a simple 20mil hp mob on the same maps. Something must be off there…

So after the quest line was completed…

Step #8: enter the portal and try the new raid (solo version)

With new level 480 equipment, I was expecting the same level of difficulty as Vasilisa or Jellyzele when first released, so roughly four mins to complete the raid. Of course I entered unprepared and without knowing any of the mechanics, but, even if the raid is nothing more than a boss fight (at least for the solo version), it took me 17 mins to complete… to just get 14 of the new mats to improve the equipment (when you need 8 at +14 to get a 33% chance of success – you see where the problem is if each run takes 17 mins). Will have to improve time spent vs rewards gained here… (I’ll try automatch tonight if there are still people playing to see how different the raid is)

So that was quite the journey for the first day. Hope this patch didn’t make the game lose too many players, yesterday we lost one of our remaining veterans in our guild that was a really sad day :frowning:

Hi Dawn, its me Thor!
Sorry, I cannot bear any longer that IMC devalues countless hours of my playing. I have problems ignoring the glaring issues any longer:

  • 450 lvls without meaning, no progression in difficulty or capabilities. After that 10 lvls mean everything between live and death. That has no logic.
  • Mouse users still get kicked in the a*, you know that better than anyone. This is a PC game.
  • Too much p2w, and its getting worse with every patch

I’m actually feeling bad for giving you a sad day. Maybe i will join a few minutes to talk.

New raid Automatch runs are like 2-4 minutes each, new raid solo is like 4-6 minutes (in my current experience).
You can automatch 3to4 so you don’t need 5 people to start.

New discoveries yesterday…

First: armor works. Normal mobs and even more bosses don’t hit much with the new equipment. Bosses just have high defense and a ton of hps (except field bosses) so they take long to fight/kill. The problem I had with those little lancer dudes on the last map of episode 14-2 probably comes from the fact that they use some “thrust” attacks that bypass defense so they hit like trucks. If this also applies to characters, then classes which have attacks that ignore part of defense will become gods in the new “meta-verse”.

Second: new raid can only help upgrading weapons, you can’t use the mats to upgrade armor. This is a dilemma if your Vasilisa armor isn’t upgraded to +30, as you will have to decide if you want to delay succeeding your armor so it’s +15 when succeeded or immediately get your 8 pieces to do the new raid but with non optimized armor parts. Considering that Gear Score is pretty tight (you need 14500 to participate in automatch for the new raid, my main has 14600 with +11/+14 equip), enhancing as far as you can the Vasilisa armor before succeeding is almost mandatory if you don’t want to be stuck with level 480 equip that you can’t upgrade further because you’re blocked from entering the new raid.

Yup. I was lucky to find a “train” yesterday for those automatch runs and it was pretty quick. Didn’t see any different mechanisms compared to the solo version (except ofc you have five crystals), so it’s indeed better to do the runs in automatch.

The solo version suffers from the same problem as the Giltine raid, they didn’t downgrade the difficulty compared to the party version (like they did for Vasilisa raid), so it’s actually quicker to do the party raid. I did one solo run totally unprepared just to test it, I suppose you just need to use buffs and relic to speed up the process (relic is disabled for party raid but I didn’t see anything about that for solo raid). Of course it will become faster as soon as other equip parts will be optimized (for example the accessories – and with the new equip old raids like Delmore Gate can be cleared in no time)…

They expect you to use crown of giltine in the solo version i think.
Armor section will open up soon, you can enhance accessories / weapons to gain gs for now

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They fixed this. Now level 20 exp cards can be used up to level 479.

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