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I cant use any add on

tos remove it after start game
how to fix it ?

i use ToS.Addon.Manager-v0.3.2-beta1

Hi @nitat1175,

Kindly send us a support ticket with details about the matter for us to further investigate.


Im installed zoomy plus but TOS remove it after start game

I think viewpoint this game so close-up
it make my eye-pain when farm for a long time

You need to put a unicode character in the file name for the game not to delete it.

Example: _zoomyplus-:email:-v1.ipf

The forum auto replaces them with emotes, but you can take it from another addon or keep the original file name. The addon manager installs it properly.


It’s useless bro
TOS still remove it after start game

ToS remove it or maybe your antivirus?

no it’s not about antivirus

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