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I cant load the game after update 22/12

I played this game normally until 22/12 updated and boom! I can’t load the launcher anymore…
Any1 know how to fix this? please help me
you can see I was redownloaded the game, turn off my fire wall but the bug still there…

and this window pop-up too

this is my after-verify game

my Microsoft visual newest updated

also my PC information

please help me…

@GM_Francis @GM_Sebastian

Remove DLC if you have them ticked.

Hi @kah.hhong.

Kindly send a support ticket for further assistance regarding the matter. Thank you.

Hello Savior,

Thank you for updating us.

We will now forward this report to the proper department for review and investigation. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding while this is on-going.

If there is an update regarding your concern, we will inform you via ticket reply.

Should you have other concerns, please let us know.


Tree of Savior Support Team
well thats means I would never ever can play this game til they fix it?

thank you so much!!! I finally could log in!!!
@GM_Francis please report this bug thank you and your dev team told me deleted this game 102103892179 times

They recently added Steam Achievement and that requires a new and updated Steam DLL. So happens that with certain DLC, it is overridden with the old DLC version that doesn’t have the entry point needed. Hence, the error occurred.

@GM_Francis forward this thx.