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I can't hear my flute (Pied Piper)

Hi @Administrator

So, i’m a Pied Piper. I tried to play some music and… I can’t hear my own flute. (idk about others. I’ve never met other Pied Piper :woozy_face:)

Flute volume is 100. I can only hear flute while using skills. But can’t hear myself playing flute in the rest mode. :sad:

Everyone else can hear it normally.
I re-start the game and my computer a couple times, but still, can’t hear it.

(This is what i hear)

Someone said to me that i should try record some videos. So, I recorded it. And everything is normal in recorded videos :confused: :exploding_head:

(This is from some of the videos i recorded)

I really feel like I’m Beethoven! :sweat_smile:
Help! :pleading_face:

Wasn’t there a checkbox to make it turn on? “Hear other character’s flute” or something.


Yeahh. I already turn it on.

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