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I cant buy TP bundle on Steam

Hello Admin and Supporter
I wanna buy 300TP bundle on steam but i have a issue.
i cant check out my recipe
i send ticket but no one check and reply
acc steam son2cang
Family : GreatRuler
Char : MucTran

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Sorry we could help issues with in-game messages, but this one is related to with Valve’s Steam Store.
You have to ask steam about this.

same here contacting them and it seems some of my guildies too are having this issue

hi bro.
i contact with supporter of Steam too
they say this problem belongs to the game…
And the game say this problem related to with Valve…
Ok fine

Lmao my mind is ■■■■■■■ blown again. Thanks

same here :scream:


i think they wont fix it soon.
I waited 5 days

it will work when the price change. oops.

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I can’t buy either, I waited one week

I have the same problem. :disappointed_relieved:

Are you trying to buy from a region different to the one you play in?? I’m having the same problem trying to buy in klaipeda and I live in south america. I’ve bought tp bundles before and had never had this problem.

Having the same issue, you’d think the incompetent people behind this game would actually look into an issue where they’re not able to get money from people but of course they don’t even care about this.