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I can not put skills on the command bar

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June 04th. 14:00PM

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South America Silute
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I have now returned to play after months. I went into my archer, used the EXP cards one at a time, until I selected the classes and distributed the points in the skills. After that, I tried putting the skills on the command bar and I could not. It is impossible to drag the abilities to the command bar, because they do not fix it, making it impossible for me to play.

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Hello @feliciocedrick,

Kindly send us a ticket for us to properly investigate on your account.

make sure the slot isn’t lock, click on the small lock icon on the left of skill slots…

also try changing the control mode on settings and see if that helps

did you use addons?
I encountered similar thing a few months ago, couldn’t drag skills into the bars and found out the problem was Remaining Counter addon.
try uninstalling any addons, especially the ones related to hotkeys & skills, perhaps?