Hybrid summonner/debuffer


Anyone playing with sorc > warlock > bokor or even sorc > warlock > necro ? I’m getting bored of my pyro > ele > Tao and haven’t really gotten any good gear yet so I’m thinking of swapping but I think a full summoner build may be more boring perhaps. So I wanted to direct damage while my summons do work. Thinking of warlock or FF right now with a mix of any of the summoner classes; bokor, sorc and necro. Anyone got any first hand experience to share?

I pretty much only guild event, CM and casual dungeon or silver farm. May try endgame content for gearing with the guild but I don’t need to be top dps, I don’t expect to match pyro > ele> Tao Dps


I do have a pure summon build AKA Sorcerer - Necromancer - Bokor and I also have a Pyromancer - Elementalist - Taoist.

Most of the time I run Saalus and CM and maybe I can give you a comparison for both. The Pyro-Ele-Tao build is definitely superior in terms of not just AOE damage but single target DPS as well. For comparison sake, at CM5 I can reach the CM5 boss with 7:10 min remaining while using the summoner build I reach the CM5 boss with 4:40 min. That is more than 2 minutes faster with my Pyro-Ele-Tao compared to the summoner build. This is with the same equipment on both doing the same challenge mode. So yes you will definitely not match the damage potential of Pyro-Ele-Tao.

In view of the recent kTOS changes which may come in a few months time, there are a lot more options to choose from. Below are some synergies that you might want to consider. I have not tried them because the changes have yet to come but here are some options which might seem viable if you take into account the future changes that will come. Some ideas I have below include summoners like you requested

  • Bokor - Featherfoot - Warlock: Since Featherfoot have better curse and can used in tandem with Bokor’s Hexing (future crit debuff I think?) and Effigy, this can be viable. The build is more focused with “Curse” synergy, having providing 50% more dark damage to cursed enemies. Warlock seems to be better than Shadowmancer as a dark damage dealer for AOE purposes (since you already have Featherfoot for single target).
  • Bokor - Featherfoot - Necromancer: Instead of Warlock, Necromancer instead since Corruption boost poison damage, which boosts Kundela Slash even more. With this you get more summons as well.
  • Pyromancer - Sorcerer - Necromancer: This is actually one of the more popular hybrid builds now from the top 100 builds (rank 42 as of Mar 11). Mainly due to Enchant Fire working on summons, and Pyromancer being an overall good pick for a DPS and AOE class.


I figured about the damage but hey what’s 2 minutes in the grand scheme of things. So the changes coming are going to be good for me then but are the builds that go along with the changes any good right now outside the full summoner build?

Would bokor > FF > warlock or even sorc > FF > warlock (I’m thinking never need potions with that build) perform alright right now or do they need the changes ?

Also the pyro > sorc > necro is a decent build right now? Incase the others aren’t even really an option till the change then this would be my best “hybrid” choice I have right now? Wasn’t necro nerfed hard with not having many summons now, is it better than warlock in this build?


That would be me. This is my main atm and I’m very happy with it.

I outright hate Necro, so a full summoner build is out of question for me. And you will be seen as an AFK farmer/botter if you do that, even if it’s not the case.

Well the main purpose of my build is solo CM. I also do guild events with it for the fun and legendary raids (ET, Velco).

With the forthcoming changes, I may switch Bokor to FF once we get the 50% extra dark damage on cursed enemies, but atm Bokor is carrying the build so I want to keep the class.

Pyro is standalone. I’m leveling a char atm and at level 200 the only thing you do is use Magic Missile to gather mobs and make them pop with a single Fireball. It’s obcenely OP. So yeah you can just add statics with Sorc and Necro.


Thanks for the reply and good to know there’s someone playing bokor > warlock > sorc. If you got a skill build and don’t mind sharing your build I’d like to see it.

Also any recommendations on combos? Your view on FF right now is to avoid it till the changes I assume?


My skill build…

For Wizard:

  • Magic Shield (5/5): spare points, although I never use this because it drains SP too fast
  • Earthquake (5/5): CC skill to push back enemies in CM
  • Magic Missile (5/5): pretty much your basic attack

For Bokor:

  • Hexing (15/15): for maximum MDEF reduction and duration
  • Effigy (15/15): single target melting skill, you use the 3 overheat at the same time for maximum effect
  • Tet Mamak La (1/1): useful when your zombies bug (happens also with your main summon as Sorc, but in that case you have to resummon) and are stuck somewhere for whatever reason
  • Zombify (3/15): spares go here to get zombies without the need of using capsules
  • Bwa Kayiman (1/10): your main skill that will disable mobs continuously, only 1 point because there’s no need to put more (it’s just a marginal increase in damage factor, but the skill isn’t meant for damage, only for CC)
  • Samediveve (5/5): buffs char and summons with hp and speed
  • Damballa (5/5): your main DPS skill

For Sorc:

  • Summoning (15/15): because that’s why you pick the class
  • Summon Salamion (9/15): spares go here, since the summon can burn, blind and heal
  • Summon Servant (5/5): buff that helps a lot
  • Riding (1/1): just for fun
  • Desmodus (10/10): for the vampirism debuff
  • Evocation (5/5): for the evocation debuff (and skill does nice dam burst itself)

For Warlock:

  • Invocation (15/15): unfortunately Warlock is a class where you have to put points in useless skills, I never understood why this class was completely gutted; I maxed this because it’s the least stupid of the four useless skills you get here, at least your spirits do some damage when you manage to generate any…
  • Dark Theurge (5/15): same as above, you just put spares here as it gives extra passive damage as it’s always 100% up
  • Pole of Agony (10/10): your DoT skill #1
  • Mastema (10/10): your DoT skill #2
  • Demon Scratch (5/5): your DPS skill

Play is pretty straightforward:

  • invoke summons
  • when you face mobs, use Zombify, otherwise pop some zombie capsules
  • buff yourself and your summons (Samediveve, Summon Servant, Desmodus, Dark Theurge)
  • if facing a single target, use Hexing then Effigy and spam Effigy every 5 seconds
  • use Damballa followed by your DPS skills (Evocation, Pole of Agony, Mastema, Demon Scratch)
  • if facing mobs, use Bwa Kayiman while running around mobs to CC them, repeat indefinitely until all your other skills get off CD (10s channeling skill with… 10s CD!); your Marnox – I hope you can invest in one – will melt everything here while they’re permastunned
  • spam Damballa, rinse and repeat

Yes, until the change Bokor is better.



Thank you for your help. I’ll look into the skills more in-depth when I’m home from work because I can’t get the builder to work on my phone. Which order do you recommend taking the classes in? I have a friend that’s almost to his last class that wants to try this build with me for double the fun. Also I’m not terribly funded but I do have around 12M silver. Idk how much that card costs but I can also ask for help to hunt it with my guild.


Marnox is pretty expensive still. It cost around 15m - 20m in SEA server. A good alternative is Froster Lord. I use Froster Lord on my ‘Ice Mage’. The S skill has a short cooldown and the D skill can freeze with large AOE, also having a short cooldown.

If you are leveling from scratch, I think any class can be a good choice since you actually have silver to buy cards. Magic Missile is actually really good at earlier levels to carry most content. Bokor is a really good starting class because of zombie summons. Damballa is a very strong short cooldown burst damage, while Hex + Effigy spam works well on bosses.


No idea on which server you play. Last weekend, our guild made a card album event and I got a Marnox I didn’t need so I went to sell it and was surprised to see the lowest price in the market was around 10 mil (Fedi server). But of course you don’t need Marnox off the bat, it’s just great with Bokor due to his big AoE

For order anything will do. The early game is so easy you can pretty much kill everything with basic attacks and your Wizard skills. I’d say Bokor first because the early game has a lot of mobs and so you can spam zombies without the need of capsules. Warlock second to be able to build those DPS skills early (class 1-15 has four useless skills not even worth investing at this time – I just HOPE they will be buffed again). Sorceror last because it’s just a complimentary class and it lets you build your bank account to get Marnox.