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Hwarang Class Unlock

Is there a way to unlock the class if I don’t have a level 460 character or something?

I started the game a few months ago and I’m still trying to try classes that suits my play style.

I’ve just started an archer and want to progress to Hwarang.

Is it a locked class like Rune Caster or Nak Muay? If so you just need an unlock voucher. Otherwise, there’s nothing preventing you from advancing into the class.

Not exactly sure.

It doesn’t have that ornate class icon like the rest of the hidden classes.

I’ve looked it up in the internet, it has a master class unlock quest however I think I missed the “free advancement” during its event period so now I’m stuck with completing the achievements for it which I don’t have the means to do so.

It looks like the unlock voucher reward is team only unless there’s one in the cash shop?

Hwarang needs you to do a bunch of chores to unlock, its honestly really troublesome and takes a long time. And you also need a high level character since i recall one of the missions is doing 200 res sacrae automatches.
On march 15th there will probably be added a unlock voucher for exchange medals to the exchange shop. Otherwise good luck lol

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