Hunting Grounds


Im coming back to ToS now, and I wanted to know if Hunting Grounds are viable in lower levels Is there any level up guide here? (I know its easier to level up now, but I`m kinda lazy, heh)


Hunting grounds (HG) is for farming, but you do get exp in HG as well, but keep in mind that field map exp has been increased for quite some time and is therefore preferred for grinding especially with challenge modes (CM) you can do in field maps on top of that. CM can be entered by killing violet glowing monsters that spawn in field maps that will open a portal and transfer you to an instanced map with waves of monsters you have to kill in a certain amount of time in order to get to the next challenge mode level.

I don’t how up-to-date you are but quests now also give exp and not only exp cards and the exp given by quests will be greatly increased with rebuild.


Thank you so much for the answer!

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