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Hunter Camp Destroy

Bug 1: the hunter’s art allows you to destroy structures in the game that could not be destroyed.
Bug 2: the hunter’s skills are consuming the two overhits just by clicking once, doing the damage of just 1 overhit



At first scene is that your camp or other player’s camp?

yes , the other player camp

Wtf this is bad, what if a player had 10k food on his tent and some random ■■■■■■■ destroying it

10k food is almost equal to 100m silver

Pls fix this IMC


another bug that will not be fixed? (remembering that the bug that I reported on 10/27/2020 has not been talked about yet: Hunter skill bug).
@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William @GM_Francis @Staff_Brand @Staff_Jin

try to send a ticket, they will repply faster
but nice report tho!

I reported it 1 week ago and they still haven’t done anything, what I show in the video is not even half the problem that this bug can cause

it seems that the 2 ticks have the same answer and it seems that they were answered by a bot and the 2 bugs were not even mentioned as known problems in the updates.

@staff there’s guilds using this bug to affect war, boruta, etc. We need you to ban that players now.
Bug abuse is bannable offense, remember?

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Oh people can DESTROY bot camps this way :vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv


Very nice idea, sire! Fight poison with poison

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alright ppl, from now dont put so many food on our camp

dont fix this bug pls, lets destroy bot camps

how to differentiate bot camp and innocent camp?
Any camp below sajunga map are bot camp?

Dont destroy my camp at vien … its for cm and dcp huhuhuhu

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Pretty much those w/o food on Sewers, Baubas, Astral, Irredian, Outer 15 :v

Oh wait - we will have no camps to destroy as they will be removed after server merge OWO

Tree of Savior

yeah aim for the tent without food

and for those trollers out there destroying ppl tent with food… may God have mercy on your soul

wont the botter read this thread put food to their camp to pretend innocent?

lmao too much effort :v

but he got a point tho

got any better ideas then?