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  • Server : Telsai

  • Team Name : see on video

  • Location : Baubas Cave ch.2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) :

  • Evidence recorded video.

Unlimited Repetition of same movements, clicks for the rest of the 24hrs. 7days a week macro/auto grinding @baubas ch2!

name of suspects : (see video)


they cant even hit those enemies at their back.
even if they hit air its still okay because the cheating software they use keeps repeating for unlimited times as long as their inside baubas cave.

been investigating their movements for a week now. the movement they do/use doesn’t change a bit. because the pattern and program is recorded that way… Obviously cheating and unfair gameplay…

i always go random checking and investigating baubas cave ch2 for a couple of weeks now. guess what they’re always there with the same movements and clicks for a long period of time for the rest of the day… 7days a week…

Manual grinding?/farming? i bet not… its so INHUMAN to take a path/movement with the same spot for a long period of time… only recorded movements and clicks can do that. Macro/botting. etc…

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Hello @wapak11111,

Thank you for reporting. We will investigate the reported accounts as soon as possible.