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HP/SP Potions - Buff

Now that Re:Build finally hit live, is obvious that a bunch of classes are having huge HP and SP problems. I note that my swordman and cleric can handle themselves, but mages are borderline impossible to play due to the SP bar being constantly around 0.

I believe this has an easy fix if the potions were to be buffed. You see, CON and SPR used to give hidden buffs to the potions used but now that the HP and SP Recovery effects were removed from them it shows that the potions are currently lacking.

I’ve been using NPC SP potions, Alchemist lvl 15 Condensed SP potions and the Popo Shop’s Small Elixir of SP recovery all at once. It matters little, the SP bar simply depletes without even letting me complete a full rotation. HP ones suffer the same fate.

Something has to be done to even remotely enjoy the game. Potions needed a buff way before, but now is mandatory. An increase of their effect or even a reduction of their enormous cooldown would be more than enough to be fair.