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How viable is scout right now for end-game?

Are they outshined by other dps in end-game content?
Which end-game content do they excel the most?
How good/bad are pistol builds (SR/BM) right now for end-game?
Disadvantages/advantages over archer for long-range dps?

Yes, viable. Where do they excel the most depends on your build. I recommend going BM/Sherrif/Assassin if you want something that is good with mobbing, decent in pvp and really good with lengthy boss fights.
Does other classes outshine it? Depends. With scout you absolutely need to be geared to compete. Once it’s geared though, you will see that it is a powerful class worthy of respect.

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Next patch will be SR :grin:

how do you distribute this BM/Sherrif/Assassin?
how is dagger scout compared to pistol scout nowadays?

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@7aniki if it’s pve, i’ve tried both, and right now pistol scout is the better pick. Pvp dagger scout will win and it’s not even close.
With assassin here, all we really need is Hasisas buff and the bleeding debuff, so using a crappy dagger is fine, but i do recommend getting a good dagger once you’re funded enough, to maximize it’s potential. For now, pistol scout is slightly the better choice because most people go for PvE. Hence the inflation of Cryolite Bullet prices.

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any combo beside these?
tracer bullet- 2x napalm - outrage - 3x RIP - 3x mozambique
westraid- peacemaker - quickdraw - fanning

I’m also curious to a good bossing / casual builds … my wiz isn’t doing a good job atm … >.<;;;;

Is linker dead?