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How to upgrade 5th anniversary points?

I saw the instructions but seems like I am still at level C grade. How to get higher?

Can someone explain?

If your event is level 2 and your shop still C, you probably need to pay 100 TOS coins to reroll the shop, it’s not 100% to get B and other tiers.

Simplest way:

  • always stay connected (afk event) and get 10 points per hour (the offline 1 point per hour doesn’t work, I left yesterday evening at 440 points and still have 440 points this morning)
  • do your dailies, reach the max 1000 ToS coins and earn an extra 100 points
  • reach 2000 event points (you need probably a week or two for that)
  • talk to the event NPC, choose the “special shop” item menu to open the rank C shop, click the “Renew” button (you need 100 ToS coins each try) until you get the S shop you want
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with max 240 daily by being connected + 100 daily from coins you need at least 7 days given the first day was already half-over when the event started and next Tuesday will have the same problem.
In theory, 6 days should do the trick, but if you do anything else besides being 18/7 at your computer, you missed almost all of Tuesday and will miss the same next Tuesday,too.

I wonder if they will be compensated at maintenance since the staff would have to add at least 6-7 points to the account of everyone.

Maybe you should add that buying everything from the store makes it stop being in the list, so you can extinct a shop by buying it empty before renewing to have a higher chance/guarantee for shops of this tier not to appear anymore.

The amount of coins is limited,though, so buying without precaution might result in ending up several coins short for the big expenses.

I had reached 500 points last night so I guess being online is the best way to accumulate points. So it will really take some time to reach 2000 points, not unless we are being compensated offline and its fixed. Its not adding if you are offline I tried it.

C to A shops sell the same expirable garbo you get in all the events, I don’t think it’s really useful to spend coins for this, especially since…

…this. I’d rather clear the S shops and just spend the leftover coins in the regular shop.

Both you and draconis are kinda wrong about this.

Throughout the entire event you can get a total of 35,000 TOS Coins and 11,900 5th Anniversary Coins.

To buy out everything in the shops you only need less than 10,000 5th Anniversary Coins. So in essence, you can (and should) be buying out everything from A-C shops.

The big issue about not buying things from B-C shops is that when you actually hit 2000 Event Points, your chance to roll a B shop is 5% and a C shop is 0%. So you’ll no longer be able to buy anything from those 6 shops by the 10th day should you be maxing your Event Points daily.

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when you finally unlocked S1 shop and want to buy the vaivora box but cant because you havent spend 2000 golden coin yet

and this event will end at April 13th. The total number of days between Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 and Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 is 35 days , meaning if you diligently do daily 1000 silver coin, you guaranteed to reach 2000 event points at 19-20th day without needing to overAFK-ing.

Huh? I didn’t see anything like that in the patch notes… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

[Event] 5th Anniversary Vaivora Unique Weapon Profession Selection Box LV.1: Contents can be traded/ Can be purchased after consuming [Event] 5th Anniversary Coins x2000 (Exchanging [Event] 5th Anniversary Coin and [Event] TOS Coins is not counted as consuming [Event] 5th Anniversary Coin)


They really know how to hide these restrictions inside a page of overcomplicated BS…

And there is not much to can do to spend 2000 gold coins… just need to buy the 10 unique enchant ***els (because “jewel” is an insult in game), I don’t think there is anything else.

And this:

"Some items are excluded (Vaivora - Coordination, Vaivora Sword - Echo, Vaivora Shield - Concentrated Defence, [Update March 8, 2021] Vaivora Staff - Lewa Advent, Vaivora Sword - Boreas, Vaivora Musket - Lever Action, Vaivora Dagger - Ecliptic Blades, Vaivora Two-handed Mace - Tuning) "

No vv for Bokor, no shield…

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Thats normal, because at ktos they held 5th anniversary event first before vv bokor created, and seeing itos dev cant modify the reward, they just copypasted it to itos.

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I’ve got to Event Level 5 after staying on 24 hours for a week and honestly you don’t need to do that. I would actually advise against it because you need to spend 2000 5th Anniversary Coins, which takes a long time to obtain so just play normally and you will get to Event Level 5. I’m at Event Level 5 and I almost spent 2000 Coins but now don’t have enough coins to buy the Vaivora. So 24 hour online thing was a waste of electricity. I guess you would have enough coins if you do all the Legend Raids and such but I’m not that hardcore.

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Thanks! You confirmed my suspicion that in this event being a turtle is more beneficial than being a rabbit.

I got lvl 5 after leaving my computer on for the sake of the Pamoka package, it was 2 birds with one stone, so I won’t complain since I emptied all low tier shops that had been relevant for me.

Electricity costs are a thing, but only if you don’t compensate for it, if you cut down the time on the computer during your free time afterwards it all equals out eventually.

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10 hour afk for 100 extra coin is better than afk 24 hour for shop point

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