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How to transfer Team from Klaipeda to Teslai server

How to transfer character from Klaipeda to Teslai server? Several weeks ago I went back to play this game, however since my Team is located on NA server. I feel that it will be a waste to start from scratch and also if I continue, I will not be able to join certain events because they are time restricted, and the timezone is coming from NA which is in the other side of the world from where I live in. Will really appreciate if someone can help me with this, even if it will cost me, I definitely would like to transfer my Team to Teslai server.

thats only ever happened during TOS’ first launch…
i dont recall any method of transferring Teams to different regional servers.
one option you can hope is for IMC to make another Seasonal Server Event with starter loot and xp/lvl bonuses and gear, and then which your Team will eventually be merged to the main servers after a month.

(but u need to make another steam account to work,if you already have an existing team in your current one it won’t work. and im not sure if deleting your old team would work, u need to ask other players for confirmation on this)

You can’t. Teams on separate servers are separate entities. The only time you could do that in the past is when servers merged.

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Maaaaybe … ask IMC and give them a valid reason and some “ahem” compensation … like … I’ll buy 5k TP packasges let me transfer worlds … you never know hahaha XDDD

don’t worry m8 IMC got u covered.
with only 220 TP u can get instant lv 440 char XD