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How to sustain silver on 2nd character?

i havent played this game in ages, and a lot of has changed
so basically nothing gives silver now and that ■■■■ is needed to actually play the game… the 15x boost from quests got me going on my 1st character but that’s gone for subsequent characters so your left with squat and for some reason we need to use a token to transfer silver(which is so retarded i cant even)

i searched the forum and apparently doing CM’s at verkti square is good $ since normal equips dropped from mobs there sell for 10k silver a pop, i figured they can be transferred from character to character for funding, i tried this but got cockblocked since CM’s now have level requirements, apparently im too high lvl on my 1st character wtf?

is there something im missing or did this game get so mangled that even doing basic ■■■■ like playing on an alt is a pain in the ass.

Not sure if all covered but…

Possible silver source at low level:

  1. Field mobs white gears selling to NPC shop (or goddess token change point shop)
  2. Talts from Personal Housing Support Box by chance
  3. Main EP quests, EP10 above Sub Quests rewards ← usually do both for levelling in the beginning

So theoretically, EP quests → daily field challenge mode for white gears before 460 or 460 challenge mode → reset challenge runs with mercenary badge cm reset vouchers.

Make sure you not repairing gears with shops too…use repair kits at goddess token shop.

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