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How to start "Discarding Blind Shells (1)" quest?


Does anyone know how to trigger this quest?
I’m pretty sure “Fortress of the Land” refers to all the maps from Sentry Bailey up to Fortress Battleground. There’s no one map that’s named exactly “Fortress of the Land.”

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A dud discovered in Sentry Bailey. It seems to be very old. Bring it to the Sapper Master.

I will look around that map tomorrow and see if I find it…

EDIT: Might need metal detector item (I don’t have)


Aww, it would suck if you have to pay to win to do a quest. :confused:


Well, apparently this quest is working properly when I asked about it in a ticket:

Yet, no one has any idea how to do it?

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blue quest so it’s not an old class adancement quest related
might be worth it to look around sentry bailey map with radar addon

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Do you have a direct link to this radar addon? I found a forum post mentioning it after a quick google search, but not sure if this is the right one

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@Chancery I will check the addon manager see if I find it…

EDIT: could’t find it there…


it’s in the jtos addon manager tpminimap

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I took more but game didn’t register it D:

you can see small grey squares where you can interact with an item or thingy, there are some of these gray squares that don’t show anything on map or are hidden…