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How to set up for blossom blader

how will you set your build up for this class? can you suggest me some build simulations? I’m pretty new with the game sorry.

oh, thanks, but why not using bear and gung ho?

1.why would you not take bear ?
with durandal, gem and max attribut (not even counting divine might) it’s a 25% damage reduction buff
you’re playing without a shield and in leather, trust me, you need that if you want to do anything else than cm5
that dude is asking for help on a build and he already understood how important this is
bash is just plain useless, and no, pvp doesn’t count
2. warcry 10 and cleave 10, why ? max out warcry, cleave is really just here for the buff, nothing else
3. for BB, you’ll just have to put extra point from quest in the 4/5 flowering or the 14/15 one (don’t remember the name)
4 .yellow gem, again, why ? if you take bear you don’t need extra def, take some skill gems instead, like zucken-redel-gungho-frenzy … don’t waste gems space on pdef
5. with new 430+ ichors and sandra magnifier don’t forget dex in your stats it’s important

edit: and HL is also a good alternative to Barb, crossguard allows you to raise even more the damage of BB, you need to get used to it tho ^^

Bash is good for episode 12 cm. Reliable, short cd, many overheat.

yeah i think i will go for bear and gung ho together.
i don’t know what to set for stats :frowning:
and don’t know if it’s better highlander or barbarian…
Would you mind suggest me a build simulation? :slight_smile:

Highlander build
or Barbarian

for highlander, Crown is there for the Shock debuff not really its damage, with 10 point in it you have a 10sec debuff, it’s more than enough. you can even lower it and put 5 more point in crosscut (i think it’s what i did)
tbh, HL is more usefull to get rid of little mobs than adding ‘big damage’ to your build, doppel and BB will do the heavy lifting, so you can change a few points here and there. the most important is Crossguard.

doppel and BB are pretty straight forward

here are two videos of the two builds on the same boss with pretty much the same Patk
HL :
Barb :

now a little warning, those guy have VERY good gear and are pretty much whales, don’t take their damage as the norm ^^
but you can have a good idea of what the class is capable of
chose the one you prefer :3

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thanks a lot mate.
Btw in the videos looks like he didn’t use highlander skills for what i see so it’s hard to decide D:

the blue icon is a HL skill, the one i said was the most important, crossguard
and it apply the staggered debuff for 5sec (the little shield)

if you are new or returning, go with barbarian ^^ it’s way easier
and both are doing very good damage,anyway, later you can try HL if you want.
Barb would be more polyvalent where HL would be more efficient on bosses i’d say

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
stats on str i guess… right?

stats is STR and CON,
you can put some in DEX if you want faster cast animation speed.

Hi, does anyone know where a new player can get a Durandal to drop? the old lower level bosses don’t seem to be around anymore.

World Bosses. But as all other low level materials (accessories, armor, weapons…) the chance to get it is abysmal. Don’t expect to get a Durandal before you get a Vaivora item. Your best chance is market or shout.

Recently, IMC started to move those drops to regular mobs in fields. I hope they will continue this and move all old field boss items to regular mobs. We’ll have to wait…

Where can i find Durandal in episode 12? Before it was dropped from field bosses, but they does not exist anymore…

it’s pretty hard to get now,
i think (not 100% sure) you can get it on demon lords
zaura, nuaele, rexi, …
i’ve done quite a lot and nevor got any tho :confused: