How to remake my Alchemist?


@ title. Since Re;Build is coming soon, I was wondering how should I build my crafter. Before it was a mish-mash of classes that had Alch as main and Enchanter as secondary crafter (scrolls).

Now I can pick Alch as my first class, but what about others? I’m not really going to play it, it’s just a crafting char. Maybe Sorc + Necro/Bokor? Something like (this)?


they’re giving scroll crafting in the wiz tree to runecaster iirc. Personally I’d go for a sage-alch-RC (or sage-pyro-RC if you need pyro for ench fire) since they’re also buffing portals to be able to work on dungeon/cave type maps.


Is this going to be on a later date? Because I checked RC’s skills on kTest and it seems like all of them are as they used to be…


I remember reading something about it, maybe in the same patch about the pardoner buff changes? But if they haven’t implemented it yet then I dunno might be one of those things they forgot about or are having a hard time launching right away. Either way I’m saving one of my unlock vouchers for a shop/craft wizard with RC

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