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How to make more money and milk the last spurt

i see that masquerade costume didnt sell really well is it?
probably because you showcased ragana tempation shop in ktos with its item in the list leaving minor whales questioning whether they should buy it or not
its honestly your marketing strat fault, nexon prob one who control ktos but you still have your shares
bad move

some of you might be these “dont give em ideas” guy when you read this
but honestly, i believe what im going to suggest is in their master plan already
so this suggestion is not in perspective of players, especially f2p one, but perspective of mmo marketing who charges to milk more money (even when the cows are sick)
without giving consent about in game economy, players opinion etc cause whales are top priorities.

cause i once joking they will add boruta card to leticia cubes and boom, they provided
and i once joking they will add easy way to level legend card and boom, soon they will provide
so jokes aside, its not us giving them idea, its just that its planned already
and i believe they have more up their sleeve

so here are stuffs you should sell asap, before the lights go out

  1. DS entry and token box
    cmon… it sells good, why stop adding it now? i read you remove DS token.this one is nice move!! people love DS. its fast, its provide more.token even double the speed. no it should not be something f2ps can craft easily everyday! which is why cm reset become timed as well, nice move!

  2. arch stone frag/full box. stock is low, demand still high. perfect. control their needs, control their minds, control their wallet. be like nestle who sells waters to africans.

  3. +21, +26 ~ +40 enhance scroll. anvil makes ppl crazy and even leave the game. you have the code implemented for harvest weapon already! its not gonna be that hard to implement this scroll for any gear! simple code edit and boom! sold. who need those DA anyway.

  4. sole hunt reset voucher box. obviously whales want their luciferis fast, they dont want to wait! let them be the first to link luciferi in shout. please. provide them asap.

  5. lv 10 legend card enhancement mats. i dont know why you stopped at 9. its like half hearted move. ofc if lv 10 enhancement mats will be soon added it is a nice move.

  6. 1-click completion items. yes. simple one click, your collection complete, your journal all filled, your quests all done and etc. also 1 items for one completion so you can milk even more. cause why not? you even provide us ticket to 430 in one click, why bother the hassle of doing all of these now. i dont want to do all these, im here to afk popo, flex my gears and costume, and grind a little bit.

  7. TBL and GTW potions. TBL and GTW, where the rages, drama, nerfs come from. please make those whales fight each other with your support. let them prove who is the most whale in the server by giving them such thing like multiple booster potions, heal hp and sp even crazier than current top elixir etc.

i dont care whether they are who keep the game under life support state but the end is nigh
add these, and it will be even closer


I think they earn more from selling premium anvils than anybody would be willing to pay for an ENH +26~+40 scroll.

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I support this. I’m sick of this game.


long term yes, but as i stated its situation before the lights go out and milking very last spurt of the cows.
if you are whale which makes you go all out and go nuts with your spending? 100 DA or just a scroll to make your gear become +40?
the drop rate of the item gonna make those whale sick too though and ofc its just for 1 gear, and there are like 9 gears they will want to make it +40 cause whale be like whale

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make new gacha for that, u know many people have gambling issue, maybe some ordinary people sacrifice they life for gacha in this game

gacha never meant for ordinaries
its for whales, imcs cows
why need to add new gacha its just freaking different name and pricing, at the core its the same gamble

Almost 5 years into the game, same old “the game is dying! IMC is going to do one last huge whale-bait cube to milk players one more time before they close the game!” threads. Also

IMC literally doesn’t care about PVP balance because Korean players don’t care about PVP balance. They have slept on TBL for like 3 years. GTW and any subsequent drama is what keeps the game alive, it’s why games like RO are still alive decades later after all.

Anyway, no one likes the p2w cubes. The problem is that Korean players don’t care about p2w and actually kind of welcome it, and IMC does not care what the international community thinks outside ktos players. No need to doomsay though, eventually it will be just like DAs and ktos will be up in arms about it and IMC will pay attention. Or, ktos will pick up the absurd alt/funnel strats from itos and most of their community will finally complain about it and IMC will fix it. We’re on this rotating timeline of:

  1. itos finds way to abuse something/exploit it
  2. ktos picks it up and starts abusing/exploiting it
  3. IMC responds and fixes it on ktos like 2 months later
  4. itos gets the fix 2 months after that

So give it like 4 months.

With how far this game has fallen from grace, even Ktos doesn’t know how it’s still alive.

Above is a link to a player actually asking how :rofl: