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How to make money?

I guess i’m doing alright, doing Saalus and Challenge mode gets me a lot of silver on a daily basis, but now that i started investing in atributes i’ve realized they’re too expensive and i can’t possibly make that much money

I see a lot of people saying that they have like 500kk saved on team storage and i’m just wondering what you duys do for making money in the game

Any advice will help, thanks

100 attribute point tickets from current rainbow jumping event are transferable via team storage. 3 shards and 9 tickets per character (even level 1, so its kinda abusable) is a nice money saver for new-ish players. Stock up on them while it lasts.

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Yeah i know i’m trying to do that but i was kinda asking for permanent ways to make money in the game

Thanks anyway

  • Saalus (minimum 3 runs per day)
  • Lv 300+ Challenge Modes
  • Album Parties (consistently done in large active Guilds)
  • Lv 340 HG Farming
  • Selling Legendary Equipment (Velcoffer/Solmiki)
  • Farming in demand Orange mats + killing the Elites
  • Crystal Mine Feud
  • Lv 300 Dungeon on lower level chars
  • Market Flipping
  • Participating in current Events
  • Fishing
  • Participating in Raids/Selling Raid Stones

TL;DR: by playing the game.


Don’t forget the often maligned folks who burn real life shekels and buy the tokens that all the f2p players use.

Way way back, I used to initially sold shards for insta cash if your newbie.

Mid entry, I did market flipping, as it is labeled.

Late game, I just farmed and sold Miki equips. I ran 4 toons for miki before and just sold them.

And most important tip: if you are genuinely serious on upgrading attributes (or maxing them foe that matter) just pick one character and Heavily invest in it.

Right now I only have 1 skill that is at lv90 and I will burn 143m to max it to 100. Everything else on my main is literally maxxed out…

Playing actively also helps, just take your time

Hope this helps…

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They are not expensive. You can earn about a million or two a day by doing Saalus & challenge mode only.
On the weekends, you get another 1800 attribute points via daily questing (Friday,Saturday,Sunday).

You’re not supposed to maximize all attributes asap.
Until level 80 they are fairly cheap, even at Rank 8, and the best progression is by starting with your lower Rank skills for enhancing. Rank 1-2 skills cost about 20m to max. That’s about 2-3 weeks per attribute.
In my opinion that’s not very much considering the lasting effect that attribute improvements grant.

Gear will be replaced one day, but attribute effects are everlasting. That’s why it’s a good choice to not make them too cheap, looking at how people are handling investments of several dozens or hundreds of millions already.

By the way, those people with much $$$ in the team storage are either:

  1. playing like an addict with several dozens of chars every day
  2. botting or RMTing
  3. extremely lucky early on with new content, selling items for many millions to whales while their price is still high
  4. people with much silver that manipulate the market and/or invest money by buying, crafting&reselling or upgrading&reselling
  5. simply whales who spend a lot of real $$$ on the game
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Really? How’s this happen?

Thanks guys, you were really helpful
I’m not familiar with the term Market Flipping, can anyone explain to me what is it?

It just means buying items for a low price and selling them higher.
It’s not that common on ToS due to how the market works.
Tax and commission fee’s and waiting up to to 2 hours for listed items to appear.
You’d have to factor in the tax costs and everything when flipping items and it makes it kinda not worth the hassle unless you find something that is obviously way underpriced, like finding some wings for 10mil.
It’s a more common practice in other games.

Wait how do we earn 1800 attrib points during the weekend?

For example I can tell you was when Rocksodon came out. I will skip the very details but within 2 days I prolly netted 100-150mil playing the market

Necro botting… IMC just made it more worth it by allowing you to get blessed gems too.

but serously why IMC? why give these people incentives.

Mercenary post quests on Friday/Sat/Sun.

You can buy Attribute Points and Blessed Gems from the shop.

You can also do the logical thing: get a job :slight_smile:
Although I have no idea if you make that much money when you run a shop in ToS…

Thanks! This is helpful :slight_smile: