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How to make market item for sale go in front page?

So i was selling Nucle Powders for 100 each(lowest possible price)
When I register the item and check, It was listed on the 5th page amongst all nucle with the same price.
after around 2 days, some of my nucles are sold and when i check the remaining, its on the 5th of the first page result.
^ that was last week…

I checked it now and my nucles are on the 4th page result of all nucles with same prices… WHY? HOW?
At first I thought it was “first-in,first-out” but why my merchandise got pushed back from 1st page to 4th page??? its about to expire/cancelled and my listing fee will be wasted.

nucle powders are some of the fastest moving commodities in the market. i wouldn’t be surprised yours got moved because many others put in front of you too.

Just re-list it or list it at a lower price.

100 is the lowest…

best is to sell in small chunk or trade with talt/bg/ms and etc.

buy one from each stack