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How to make lv1 character?

As title, the last time I played years ago you still able to make a lv1 character. But I just returned yesterday and there’s only 1 option to make lv 440 character. So how to make a lv1 character?

South koreans dislike lv1 character. In their belief everyone should start near to endgame so you can face the truth that the game requires heavy grinds and the only way for you to overcome that is to give up your life for grinding or start paying. They want you to come to that realization faster, so they set you near the endgame.

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They have added a tutorial that you have to complete first. The tutorial uses a level 440 character and allows to create level 440 characters afterwards. Of course, this is poorly designed, the tutorial should have been a prologue that you get when you start the game the first time just after the intro…