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How to leveling above 420?

It’s hard to level up since the last weapon and armor I got for free are level 400 >.<
Already done most quest similar to my level and end up at level 426
Is there a quicker method leveling beyond 420 other than daily level dungeon 3 times?

have u tried Solo CM in ep12 maps? dont know how much XP u get compared to auto CM.

I doubt I can make it with level 400 weapon and armor >.<

ur gear is Savinose T8 +11?

u can try, i don;t know how hard Solo CM on Ep12 maps now compared before. but before can solo with Free Savinose gear. my char before was lvl 420(Doppel-Barb-Mata)

Episode 11 reward gear is +11 T10. Should be definitely possible as long as there are some points invested into enhancement attributes.

As for leveling options:
There is level 390 Hunting Ground Irredian Shelter and level 400 Hunting Ground Outer Wall Sewer where grinding of EXP is possible, but not advised since it is really slow. Best option is probably the level dungeon with the weekend buffs (at least the sprout and goddess statuette buffs for +70% EXP should be utilized).
Then there is Gem Feud, which gives EXP cards for the first round.
Last but not least, there is the option for the daily quest at the mercenary outpost. The EXP isn’t great, but it’s better than nothing I guess.

Thanks for the advices
It seems to be hard to leveling from 420+ since there are not so many options
Are those repeatable quests got a reset?

you mean those you get from a mercenary point member for episode 12-1 maps?
As far as I know,they don’t, at least they haven’t for my main character.

It’s pretty devastating for new players that IMC has become stingy with free EXP tomes, extra EXP on weekend buffs and relies on EXP boosts from TP boxes like the 2020/2021 botanic accessory set & seal.
They probably learned from their past mistakes that when the players level too quickly, they hit the wall quicker and leave earlier without spending any money, so they sell you EXP booster & equipment boxes to level you character. Just buying a single box allows you to jump right to level 440 with max class level, which lets you ignore all the worthless grind via main quest and daily dungeons until your character is maxed out on the skill and equipment side (except Res sacrae, but that’s something for level 458+ to worry about).

That’s when the real grind starts with attributes,arts,equipment optimization,ichors & building a second set for raids/WBR/Tel Harsha.

If you’re stuck at level 420 then you’re doing something wrong. I’ve leveled up 11 characters, one of them being a full support healer to 450 without having to grind any bit. You should be able to reach 450 if you do all main quests, your daily CM (after level 100) and your 3 daily dungeon runs. Also don’t forget to explore 100% of all maps and claim those exp cards from Wings of Vaivora, they represent a good chunk of the exp you can earn during a character’s lifetime.

Thanks for the advices I’m at 448 now. 2 more level to open the box
Repeatable quest almost ran out now. Hope I can get 450 just to open that silly event box

Lol I was leveling new char just for that box as well, then I realized I have 458 character and can open box with it. Silly me.