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How to level up full support cleric priest deiv oracle?

Hello all,

I am planning to make a full support cleric, any advise on how i should get to max level?


Just play Crusader until you’re high leveled enough to heal in CMwest. Plenty of class change points for sure as you level uo

This or ask a friend to party with you on quests

Dungeon with exp tomes and exp multipliers…

Then challenge mode highest map you can

Max level in no time

I completed all quests by only using basic attacks and Carve Owl. It takes long to kill the episode 12 bosses, but it’s definitely doable.

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I rly didn’t have any problem with mine… I’m not sure if I went with Oracle tho…maybe I already went for PD not sure… I don’t remember… But I definitely didn’t have problem starting with Priest-Diev.

AAs are good for a long long time and owls are kinda the best for low lvl cms… I also didn’t have problem with questing and after a while thats the best for lvling anyway.

But as others said you can also get something strong in your build first than change it later…

EXO - DRUID - CRUSADER. This is da way. Obs: I have 1 clerig dps and 1 clerig supp. I done this with my clerig supp.

thanks, how do i distribute stats for EXO - DRUID - CRUSADER.?

do a Sadhu, press vashita sidhi, clear the screen with a delicious overkill, repeat

srlsly now, i leveled up my healer as a DPS (krivis-zealot-plague doctor) then changed with the ep 12 questline reward ( lvl 433 aprox) this is the fatest and safest way to go

Full CON. And the gear is int/con/spr/critical rate.

Why con? Dont exo/druid/crus need int for damage? Thanks

It just depends how much CON you have on your equipment vs INT. At level 450, you have 164 points to distribute. If you go full CON, it will add roughly 20k hps. If you go full INT, it will give you roughly 700 matk. At this point it’s just how you feel: do you need more survivability? get CON… do you need more damage? get INT…

great thanks, my plan is to get an exo/druid/crus up to lvl 430 ish, and then change to full support priest/diev/kabal, when i changed to full support i guess my stats should all be in spr and con?