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How to know what are considered REMOVABLE buffs/debuffs?

As the title says, i want to know how to identify if a buff/debuff is removable.

I see so many skills that deals with removable buffs/debuffs but im not sure what are those.

can you give me samples??? like is priest buff considered removable? pardo shop buff? Black death steam? effigy? etc.

Debuffs are sorted into 3 cases. Removeable, advanced removable, and not removable.

Removeable debuffs have a normal icon. These can be removed normally by things like Cure, blocked by things like Prophecy, etc.

Advanced removeable debuffs have a yellow border around the icon. You can block these with Rykuma/Essera set skills.

Not removeable debuffs have a red border. There is no way to block or remove these debuffs.

There is no indicator for “removeable” buffs. Some simply aren’t removeable.