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How to get this 4 new class special costume?



its random, not fixed. I had different templates on separate character

thanks, delete it then

Are we able to get right now on iToS? I couldn’t find any info regarding the costumes. Trying to get the crusader one, even waited to create a new character just for that and nothing after changing classes or talking to the class master.

wait… this thread was renamed and edited. I was replying previously to a sharing of Quest puzzle

greyhiem said there should be an event npc where you can claim the special costume just by talking (and use the related job of course)

@Ersakoz fortress available?

Man, this week’s patch notes is a mess, so many stuff that is not even there. I guess the event got lost or something, because I checked the event board and looked for event npcs. Unless it’s coming next week or something…


No idea, been busy with the new quests on my characters~

been slightly farming it while at work, still haven’t dropped though. will try to farm again

:sweat: maybe we have not gotten that update

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