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How to get Spearfish Rod,Twinkle Rod and Fortress recipe?


As many changes have gone over the game since 2016, there are also a lot of items I’m not so sure of how to obtain anymore.

E.g. Twinkle Rod and Spearfish Rod dropping from this Bramble

and the Fortress Recipe dropping from this Precarious Clymen

anyone knows if they’re still obtainable in some way and if yes, how/where?


I think they got removed after cbt2 and if they still exist they are prob tanus flower level of non existent :expressionless:


This is exactly what i hate about ToS sicne day 1

There isn’t reliable information about itens anywhere, not even here in the official website

As soon as the servers opened i remember seeing a lot of equipment listed on fan-sites with weapons that i wanted to go after but there was simply no information on how/where to get it or even if those weapons did even exist in the game

For example: I was looking for the mace to use for appearance change in my mace but up to this day there is absolutely no information if it even exists (???)