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How to get premium Mount (godess cube?)

Hi there !

I have Green pinguin as mount for my SR BUT he is pretty MEEEEEH!

I want to buy a new mount (with nice skin), i see people with dog mount etc … When i search in Google, many people said we can grab mount in Godess cube but, i take a look about the 23 March Godess cube and i only saw Skin for character.

So my question is : how can i buy fancy mount ? Is it posible to get mount in godess cube iven if they are not in the March package godess cube ??

Thhhx u

I would suggest to get the Red Panda from Merc Badge Shop.

they are all limit per year, which mean you have to play everyday, everymonth until they release the mount again.

It just for hardcore tp spender. Keep wait for goddess cube that give one. In the mean time, prepare 100m up to around 500m silver to spend on ur future pet, or just swipe your card when the gacha come.

Unfortunately mounts are usually “one time” chances from gacha cubes. Sometimes they come back, so you will have to wait for each Goddess Cube and see if they release a pet in them. You can always shout, sometimes people have extras “eggs” (unused pets) they keep for selling, but prepare to spit up to 1 billion silver if that’s the case because those are damn rare.

Otherwise, if you don’t like the penguins you get as F2P, you can get the following pets without having to spend real money:

  • Velheider (Companion Trader, 110k silver)
  • Hoglan (Companion Trader, 453k silver)
  • Lesser Panda (Mercenary Badge Shop)
  • Guinea Pig (Guild Quest)
  • White Guinea Pig (Medal of Honor Shop, 80 Boruta medals)
  • Spotted Baby Pig (Adventure Journal Ranking)

Every other mount is from gacha. There were some other mounts available at one time from Adventure Journal Ranking (Baby Pig, Dodo, Armadillo), but those require coupons that are not available anymore, so unless you know people that have spare they don’t use and you can pool 20 of them, you won’t get those mounts (/me sighs at his 9 Armadillo coupons :sad:).