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How to get attendance check 22 april?

It says I will get the following items when I log in, but I got nothing?

it’s from 6 AM server time, so from now (2:20 AM server time) it’s still 3 hours and 40 minutes until we get the login rewards.

You know the event has been badly designed when the attendance rewards are better than the actual things you can buy from the event shop… :tired:

Did anyone get the attendance reward?

Not sure how (didn’t check the patchnote again) but I did got the rewards

You have to stay logged in 3 hours for the attendance event.
It’s mentioned in the /arbordaycheck command. The event page wasn’t really accurate in that regard.

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it’s been 3 hrs… so where is it?

scam…already completed all arbor day mats and its pass 3hrs already…/arbordaycheck says “yOu HaVe rEcEivEd tHe rEwArD fOr tOdAy”

get red named.

send halp.

Imc should just added it with the burning kupole npc or add another kupole for the event …

I have strong believe they did this to meet their weekly fakap quota.
this week’s maintenance was rather smooth. This is not good. So they create some issue to fix that.

I just received everything, after 3 hours as expected. A bit annoying having to wait, but still.

We should receive it tomorrow 7am(Asia)/6pm(US) at the least…or completely 24 hrs delayed…i remember some attendance reward from previous events being delayed 24hr but i cant recall what events are those.

screenshot? i kinda not believing it since you are the only one in this forum claiming you receive it…even in my whole server, no one receive anything.

Chill, its just your usual Telsiai specialty. Now pray that somhow tmr the item will magically appear or accept that we got imc’d.

Its probably delayed 1 day like how imc does it from past event XD … i want me attribute reset voucher …

I’ve already opened the reward boxes, so doing a screen now would be kinda useless (i could show the attribute reset voucher at most, cause even the challenge vouchers stack with the other arbor ones).
Besides, i’m in Fedimian. Maybe it’s Telsiai that is having issues as usual.

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It’s Telsiai players all again

it’s not a reset voucher, it’s an extraction voucher (to extract attribute points from one character)


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Oh that is what i want XD nice.