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How to get Arts Reset Potion?



Arts are attributes so an Attribute Reset potion should work no?
Note: even if this works what happens to all the mats you used for the art? Would suck to have to re-farm for those mystic pages again for the new class…

Currently not available in IToS.

Attribute potion explicitly doesn’t reset arts.

If you change class, and change back, you keep the art you learned. You are not refunded for the art.


why would you want to reset art? to get the attribute point back?

hmmm coz I learnt oracle’s DM art but it’s an art for PVP which is not my thing

Ouch. Hope they add this soon.

Well if you change class, you don’t need the art for the old class anymore. Of course, if you decide to get an art for a class you’re supposed to play that class extensively. But having the choice to reset the art would be cool anyways.