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How to get a good gear?

I start play ToS a week ago and now i’m Lv.430 Blossom blader but still use EP11 gear.
I don’t know which gear are good or bad and how to get it. Anyone have a suggestion?

Varna set leather… you can check market

I dont have much silver but i will check it. Thanks

farm like nuts
buy gacha, sell the item

hiatus til episode 13 coming and get EP12 free varna set selection box reward

no.hiatus till episode 20 and you might get free vaivora selection box as episode reward


1 week into game and already doing well?

My reaction: :hushed:

I’m old

You wanted to look Ignas/Skiaclipse Ichors for your gears.

Plate Armor Ignas has +STR/CON which is what you need for Blossom Blader. Turn em into ichor if possible and use Varna or Velcoffer gears/equipment.

Check this Ichor guide for further information: Edo’s Ichoring Guide

Slivers are really easy to come by if you purchase Challenge mode reset scrolls from Mercenary Badge Shop.

Also, if you don’t have a reiter yet, considering getting one with Level 400 voucher this week 4/11. It’s free instant level 400 character.

600-700k slivers/10 mins Baubas Farming with Reiter:

Mercenary Badge Shop Guide (Which items to buy/avoid):


Check market, see the expensive one, that should be good weapon and armor, your way make into that type of weapon

Oh! Thank you very much.