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How to fill up Pamoka solution faster?

While the bottles are cheaper now it takes too long to fill up. Cm5 solo at 400 maps can only give around 10-15% =/ I tried questing and it gives no exp, tried making new chars and the gauge didn’t move. At this rate trying to fill up a weapon set will take forever

Besides exp tomes and seed/statues/items is there a better way to level up these bottles?

Seems like they don’t want people to have a full end game set with bonuses days after the update. This is just a grind so it’s something we will all need to do.

Just don’t apply the set bonus until you are happy with the gear, and bring a pamoka solution everywhere you go.

the problem with this system is no casual player would take this seriously =/ They should’ve left the old system as an optional thing. Good thing I already have a velco set piece but it’s a shame i won’t be able to test other sets

I discovered doing 330 dungeons will give about 4% ea, so might be faster than organizing cm’s… but still very slow

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You can buy it at market, now that it is hard to leveling up, that will create the incentive to sell it.

yeah it’s 4.5m right now, let’s wait 'til more people sell it

Do we know if future legend raid gear (lv 420) will need Pamoka solutions? Maybe people should start filling them ahead of time…

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This pamoka solution is terrible. The filling rate is frustrating and deep down twisted.

Doing CMs seem gives around 15-20% fill each run…so if you use one character and do 1 CM each day, you should be able to fill it in like a week… The more characters you have the easier it’s gonna be. Still very frustrating though.

Killing a mob in the level 400 maps give 0.02% per mob, so killing 50 will give you 1%. I tend to find Outer Wall 14 quite easy to farm mobs, since they aggro and tend to respawn fast.

Yeah that’s 26 weeks for a weapon :tired:

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People keep wishing this game as easy as offline game.

I think there’s a teensy tiny difference between being as “easy as an offline game” and having to grind 406 CM5 runs (which comes out to ALMOST SIX ENTIRE DAYS worth of SOLID, NON-STOP GRINDING when you add it up – more if you’re not geared enough to finish CM5 20 mins), on top of the already tedious grind it takes to loot or buy the planium you need to forge a full Savniose set (currently 160mil to buy altogether in Fedimian), and the grind to gather the resources you need to reroll the gear’s BS random stats.


I don’t expect endgame gear to be fast to get, but it’s not exactly shocking that people aren’t exactly excited about the set effects being such a pain to get on top of all the other hassles involved (for set effects that are kinda meh to begin with), especially when Savinose gear itself is kinda… underwhelming.

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to include the 58 mil you need to even buy those damn Pamoka solutions in the first place. And I’m being extremely generous with the numbers, as I just realised it’s weekend and there’s a x2 EXP bonus.

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The set supposed to be luxury/high end anyway, you don’t ‘need’ those 10s ish, 100s cd buff.

New pamoka create a new market which previously failed. The poor grind, the rich just buy from market, soon the whale just buy with tp.

I honestly don’t mind the grind but this should have been implemented first instead of partis, now we already have people wanting to go back to partis because majority of us already have our set effect and now the rest of the group that don’t play as much and want to get the set effects can’t grind fast enough. Gotta wait for those 2-3m pamokas in the market, now.

Casual player pbbly won’t need endgame enchant

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