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How to disable buff/aura sound

Please tell me there is a way to disable the buff sounds. Having “Magic Shield” on alone is enough to make shove bamboo shoots under my nails, then add on “Enchant Fire” and I can’t even hear myself think. This game makes so many sounds on a loop I am going nuts.

If there isn’t a way, how do you guys all play with this. it’s nuts. not even a volume slider for it.

please help!!!

Err I never had any problem with Magic Shield and half my chars are wizards… Do you mute the background music and put sound fx to 100%? I tend to find out that effects are loud so I have music at 100% and effects at 30%, seems to be a good compromise.

Same here, I feel that those buff sound effect is not needed and really annoying. Is there anyway to simply remove it?
turning sound fx down is not a good solution @staff