How to claim reward after doing guild hangout raid?


anyone have try the guild hangout raid yet…?


finish a guild event send the reward to the guild storage, them the GL can send sruff to the guild members


NEW Guild Hangout Raid

  • Guild Hangout Raids can be started by interacting with the Sage Envoy NPC when a Guild has reached the guild level of 5 and above.
  • Guild Hangout Raids can be started by either the Guild Master or members who have been given that authority by the Guild Master.
    [Contribution and Rewards]
  • Damage dealt to the raid boss during the Hangout Raid is converted into contribution points.
  • Accumulated contribution points earned from the Guild Hangout Raid can be exchanged for Silver through the Sage Envoy NPC, the amount of which will vary depending on the guild level and contribution grade.
  • Players can check the current accumulated contribution points and grade at the Sage Envoy NPC.
  • When the Guild Hangout is empty after a Guild Hangout Raid has started, the progress of the Guild Hangout Raid will be paused.
  • Restarting the Guild Hangout Raid will resume the raid from the point when the raid was paused.
  • Accumulated contribution points are only saved when the boss has been defeated.
  • The Guild Hangout Raid will be shut down if it is still ongoing when the time for the weekly reset has been reached.
  • All damage done to bosses that have not been defeated is not saved as accumulated contribution points.

this one


We have killed 5 bosses but did not show anything on how to exchange contribution point.


This is the same system as the tax retribution for GTW. All contribution goes into a silver pool with everyone getting a share depending on their grade during the event. Bosses can be fought throughout the week and contribution raised for everyone. Reward in the form of silver becomes available Monday at 6:00 via Guild Tower NPC and the guild leader must visit the NPC in order to distribute the earnings to all participants.


Did you check the GTW NPC? We haven’t done the boss yet but when I went to talk to him he had a new option.


i checked all the npc and even tower guild to find any option to exchange contribution points but nothing prevail sadly


as our guild leader suspect… the exchange can be done on Monday too… already sent a ticket to DEV to clarify the matter. hope to get their reply soon.


Or you could have read the in-game help about it because it states that you can get it on Monday. :smiley:


where does this in-game help ???


It pops up mostly when you first interact with something new and also you can find it in the system menu. It’s not well organised tho… :confused: It is not easy to find something you are looking for.

Well this one is easy to find. It’s under the Guild section as guild hangout raid.


there is nothing explain on how to exchange the points except patch note released by IMC

as u can see above …



( photobucket seems weird so I reuploaded it here… X) )


:tired: i don’t have that HELP regarding Guild Hangout Raid

which server are u?


Yes. Maybe only guild leaders get it or something?

It says monday at 6am at Sage Envoy.

Participants get 1 contribution points/10k damage on the boss… it doesn’t say tho how much it is worth.



i see … btw super thx Ayalon gonna report this to my guild leader :haha:


I checked today and nothing changed, how this is supposed to work?


Hi, guys. Thank you for all the information and discussion above! I would like to share our early experience with you guys:

  1. Today (Monday, not exactly 6AM) some of us were able to collect the silver rewards at the Sage Envoy (not long ago, about 11AM).
  2. The silver was collected individually by the players. Not the Guild Leader.
  3. We only killed 3 bosses and the highest reward we have seem by now is 1,000,000 silver (1m or 1kk).
  4. It seems that support characters received a big amount of nothing. Which is awful.

I may edit to update it later on. Thanks!


From my experience: Cap points is 49990.
Reaching Cap becomes harder the closer you are to it, getting around 30 points per boss when you reach 49900.
After killing several bosses while you have máximum points you actually get points removed, i went from 49990 to 49917
You can get points back by killing more bosses.
Reward obtained at 49990 points and grade 1 contribution = 1,000,000 silver.


reward looks really bad for the time/resource you spent, supports gets nothing and most people can’t redeem because its bugged?